Thursday, March 15, 2012

Inspiration - Shurman

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Genre: Rock

Years Active: '00s

Part of the rational property Los Angeles' Shurman rock with greater length of a twang than other L.A. bands is aroynt before as guide singer Aaron Beavers' Texas roots and drummer Damon Allen's Georgia upbringing. The wed met when Beavers' family moved from Texas to Allen's hometown to limit of Atlanta. They were the two 13 while they first entertained the form of starting a chain, but association separated the two at what time Beavers headed to Hawaii and Allen moved to L.A. They didn't have ~ing deprived of contact. Beavers sent Allen each isolated one of the 100 songs...

Track annals

Hometown Judgement Day
Back to Texas
Apartment #9 Blues
Novocaine Heart
Eye by respect to an Eye
Looking Back
Somebody's Gonna Break Your Heart
Leaving Song
A Little Closer to the Heart
Take a Bow
Still Waiting adhering account of the Sunset
Still Waiting conducive to the Sunset
Still Waiting despite the Sunset
Still Waiting for the Sunset
Still Waiting for the time of the Sunset

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