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Donna Summer - Complete album discography

Donna Summer  - Complete album discography

Donna Summer  - Complete album discography

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*Donna Summer.zip

+1974 Lady of the night/01 Lady of the night.mp3

+1974 Lady of the night/02 Born to die.mp3

+1974 Lady of the night/03 Friends.mp3

+1974 Lady of the night/04 Domino.mp3

+1974 Lady of the night/05 The hostage.mp3

+1974 Lady of the night/06 Wounded.mp3

+1974 Lady of the night/07 Little miss fit.mp3

+1974 Lady of the night/08 Let's work together now.mp3

+1974 Lady of the night/09 Sing along (Sad song).mp3

+1975 Love to love you baby/01 Love to love you baby.mp3

+1975 Love to love you baby/02 Full of emptiness.mp3

+1975 Love to love you baby/03 Need-a-man blues.mp3

+1975 Love to love you baby/04 Whispering waves.mp3

+1975 Love to love you baby/05 Pandora's box.mp3

+1975 Love to love you baby/06 Full of emptiness (Reprise).mp3

+1976 A love trilogy/01 Try me, I know we can make it.mp3

+1976 A love trilogy/02 Intro- Prelude to love.mp3

+1976 A love trilogy/03 Could it be magic.mp3

+1976 A love trilogy/04 Wasted.mp3

+1976 A love trilogy/05 Come with me.mp3

+1976 Four seasons of love/01 Spring affair.mp3

+1976 Four seasons of love/02 Summer fever.mp3

+1976 Four seasons of love/03 Autumn changes.mp3

+1976 Four seasons of love/04 Winter melody.mp3

+1976 Four seasons of love/05 Spring reprise.mp3

+1977 I remember yesterday/01 I remember yesterday.mp3

+1977 I remember yesterday/02 Love's unkind.mp3

+1977 I remember yesterday/03 Back in love again.mp3

+1977 I remember yesterday/04 I remember yesterday (Reprise).mp3

+1977 I remember yesterday/05 Black lady.mp3

+1977 I remember yesterday/06 Take me.mp3

+1977 I remember yesterday/07 Can't we just sit down and talk it over.mp3

+1977 I remember yesterday/08 I feel love.mp3

+1977 Once upon a time/01 Once upon a time.mp3

+1977 Once upon a time/02 Faster and faster to nowhere.mp3

+1977 Once upon a time/03 Fairy tale high.mp3

+1977 Once upon a time/04 Say something nice.mp3

+1977 Once upon a time/05 Now I need you.mp3

+1977 Once upon a time/06 Working the midnight shift.mp3

+1977 Once upon a time/07 Queen for a day.mp3

+1977 Once upon a time/08 If you got it flaunt it.mp3

+1977 Once upon a time/09 A man like you.mp3

+1977 Once upon a time/10 Sweet romance.mp3

+1977 Once upon a time/11 (Theme) Once upon a time.mp3

+1977 Once upon a time/12 Dance into my life.mp3

+1977 Once upon a time/13 Rumour has it.mp3

+1977 Once upon a time/14 I love you.mp3

+1977 Once upon a time/15 Happily ever after.mp3

+1977 Once upon a time/16 (Theme) Once upon a time.mp3

+1978 Live and more/01 Once upon a time.mp3

+1978 Live and more/02 Fairy tale high.mp3

+1978 Live and more/03 Faster and faster to nowhere.mp3

+1978 Live and more/04 Spring affair.mp3

+1978 Live and more/05 Rumour has it.mp3

+1978 Live and more/06 I love you.mp3

+1978 Live and more/07 Only one man.mp3

+1978 Live and more/08 I remember yesterday.mp3

+1978 Live and more/09 Love's unkind.mp3

+1978 Live and more/10 My man medley.mp3

+1978 Live and more/11 The way we were.mp3

+1978 Live and more/12 Mimi's song.mp3

+1978 Live and more/13 Try me, I know we can make it.mp3

+1978 Live and more/14 Love to love you baby.mp3

+1978 Live and more/15 I feel love.mp3

+1978 Live and more/16 Last dance.mp3

+1978 Live and more/17 Theme from The deep (Down, deep inside).mp3

+1979 Bad girls/Cd 1/01 Hot stuff.mp3

+1979 Bad girls/Cd 1/02 Bad girls.mp3

+1979 Bad girls/Cd 1/03 Love will always find you.mp3

+1979 Bad girls/Cd 1/04 Walk away.mp3

+1979 Bad girls/Cd 1/05 Dim all the lights.mp3

+1979 Bad girls/Cd 1/06 Journey to the centre of your heart.mp3

+1979 Bad girls/Cd 1/07 One night in a lifetime.mp3

+1979 Bad girls/Cd 1/08 Can't get to sleep at night.mp3

+1979 Bad girls/Cd 1/09 On my honor.mp3

+1979 Bad girls/Cd 1/10 There will always be a you.mp3

+1979 Bad girls/Cd 1/11 All through the night.mp3

+1979 Bad girls/Cd 1/12 My baby understands.mp3

+1979 Bad girls/Cd 1/13 Our love.mp3

+1979 Bad girls/Cd 1/14 Lucky.mp3

+1979 Bad girls/Cd 1/15 Sunset people.mp3

+1979 Bad girls/Cd 1/16 Bad girls (Demo version).mp3

+1979 Bad girls/Cd 2/01 I feel love (12'' single).mp3

+1979 Bad girls/Cd 2/02 Last dance (Promotional 12'' single).mp3

+1979 Bad girls/Cd 2/03 MacArthur park suite (12'' single).mp3

+1979 Bad girls/Cd 2/04 Hot stuff (12'' single).mp3

+1979 Bad girls/Cd 2/05 Bad girls (12'' single).mp3

+1979 Bad girls/Cd 2/06 Walk away (Promotional 12'' single).mp3

+1979 Bad girls/Cd 2/07 Dim all the lights (Promotional 12'' single).mp3

+1979 Bad girls/Cd 2/08 No more tears [Enough is enough] (12'' version).mp3

+1979 Bad girls/Cd 2/09 On the radio (Long version).mp3

+1979 On the radio/01 On the radio.mp3

+1979 On the radio/02 Love to love you baby.mp3

+1979 On the radio/03 Try me, I know we can make it.mp3

+1979 On the radio/04 I feel love.mp3

+1979 On the radio/05 Our love.mp3

+1979 On the radio/06 I remember yesterday.mp3

+1979 On the radio/07 I love you.mp3

+1979 On the radio/08 Heaven knows.mp3

+1979 On the radio/09 Last dance.mp3

+1979 On the radio/10 MacArthur park.mp3

+1979 On the radio/11 Hot stuff.mp3

+1979 On the radio/12 Bad girls.mp3

+1979 On the radio/13 Dim all the lights.mp3

+1979 On the radio/14 Sunset people.mp3

+1979 On the radio/15 No more tears (Enough is enough).mp3

+1979 On the radio/16 On the radio.mp3

+1980 The wanderer/01 The wanderer.mp3

+1980 The wanderer/02 Looking up.mp3

+1980 The wanderer/03 Breakdown.mp3

+1980 The wanderer/04 Grand illusion.mp3

+1980 The wanderer/05 Running for cover.mp3

+1980 The wanderer/06 Cold love.mp3

+1980 The wanderer/07 Who do you think you're foolin'.mp3

+1980 The wanderer/08 Night life.mp3

+1980 The wanderer/09 Stop me.mp3

+1980 The wanderer/10 I believe in Jesus.mp3

+1982 Donna Summer/01 Love is in control (Finger on the trigger).mp3

+1982 Donna Summer/02 Mystery of love.mp3

+1982 Donna Summer/03 The woman in me.mp3

+1982 Donna Summer/04 State of independence.mp3

+1982 Donna Summer/05 Livin' in America.mp3

+1982 Donna Summer/06 Protection.mp3

+1982 Donna Summer/07 (If it) Hurts just a little.mp3

+1982 Donna Summer/08 Love is just a breath away.mp3

+1982 Donna Summer/09 Lush life.mp3

+1983 She works hard for the money/01 She works hard for the money.mp3

+1983 She works hard for the money/02 Stop, look and listen.mp3

+1983 She works hard for the money/03 He's a rebel.mp3

+1983 She works hard for the money/04 Woman.mp3

+1983 She works hard for the money/05 Unconditional love.mp3

+1983 She works hard for the money/06 Love has a mind of its own.mp3

+1983 She works hard for the money/07 Tokyo.mp3

+1983 She works hard for the money/08 People, people.mp3

+1983 She works hard for the money/09 I do believe I fell in love.mp3

+1984 Cats without claws/01 Supernatural love.mp3

+1984 Cats without claws/02 It's not the way.mp3

+1984 Cats without claws/03 There goes my baby.mp3

+1984 Cats without claws/04 Suzanna.mp3

+1984 Cats without claws/05 Cats without claws.mp3

+1984 Cats without claws/06 Oh Billy please.mp3

+1984 Cats without claws/07 Eyes.mp3

+1984 Cats without claws/08 Maybe it's over.mp3

+1984 Cats without claws/09 I'm free.mp3

+1984 Cats without claws/10 Forgive me.mp3

+1987 All systems go/01 All systems go.mp3

+1987 All systems go/02 Bad reputation.mp3

+1987 All systems go/03 Love shock.mp3

+1987 All systems go/04 Jeremy.mp3

+1987 All systems go/05 Only the fool survives.mp3

+1987 All systems go/06 Dinner with Gershwin.mp3

+1987 All systems go/07 Fascination.mp3

+1987 All systems go/08 Voices cryin' out.mp3

+1987 All systems go/09 Thinkin' bout my baby.mp3

+1987 The dance collection/01 I feel love.mp3

+1987 The dance collection/02 With your love.mp3

+1987 The dance collection/03 Last dance.mp3

+1987 The dance collection/04 MacArthur park suite.mp3

+1987 The dance collection/05 Hot stuff.mp3

+1987 The dance collection/06 Walk away.mp3

+1987 The dance collection/07 Dim all the lights.mp3

+1987 The dance collection/08 No more tears (Enough is enough) [Duet with Barbra Streisand].mp3

+1989 12''ers/01 This time I know it's for real (12'' version).mp3

+1989 12''ers/02 I don't wanna get hurt (12'' version).mp3

+1989 12''ers/03 Love's about to change my heart (12'' version).mp3

+1989 12''ers/04 When love takes over you (12'' version).mp3

+1989 Another place and time/01 I don't wanna get hurt.mp3

+1989 Another place and time/02 When love takes over you.mp3

+1989 Another place and time/03 This time I know it's for real.mp3

+1989 Another place and time/04 The only one.mp3

+1989 Another place and time/05 In another place and time.mp3

+1989 Another place and time/06 Sentimental.mp3

+1989 Another place and time/07 Whatever your heart desires.mp3

+1989 Another place and time/08 Breakaway.mp3

+1989 Another place and time/09 If it makes you feel good.mp3

+1989 Another place and time/10 Love's about to change my heart.mp3

+1990 Breakaway/01 Breakaway (Remix) [Edit].mp3

+1990 Breakaway/02 Love is in control (Finger on the trigger).mp3

+1990 Breakaway/03 Breakaway (Remix) [Full version].mp3

+1991 Mistaken identity/01 Get ethnic.mp3

+1991 Mistaken identity/02 Body talk.mp3

+1991 Mistaken identity/03 Work that magic.mp3

+1991 Mistaken identity/04 When love cries.mp3

+1991 Mistaken identity/05 Heaven's just a whisper away.mp3

+1991 Mistaken identity/06 Cry of a waking heart.mp3

+1991 Mistaken identity/07 Friends unknown.mp3

+1991 Mistaken identity/08 Fred Astaire.mp3

+1991 Mistaken identity/09 Say a little prayer.mp3

+1991 Mistaken identity/10 Mistaken identity.mp3

+1991 Mistaken identity/11 What is it you want.mp3

+1991 Mistaken identity/12 Let there be peace.mp3

+1991 When love cries/01 When love cries (Single version remix).mp3

+1991 When love cries/02 When love cries (12'' mix).mp3

+1991 When love cries/03 What is it you want.mp3

+1991 Work that magic/01 Work that magic (ISA remix - radio edit).mp3

+1991 Work that magic/02 Work that magic (Capricorn ISA remix).mp3

+1991 Work that magic/03 Work that magic (Extended ISA remix).mp3

+1991 Work that magic/04 Let there be peace.mp3

+1993 Anthology/Cd 1/01 Love to love you baby.mp3

+1993 Anthology/Cd 1/02 Could it be magic.mp3

+1993 Anthology/Cd 1/03 Try me, I know we can make it.mp3

+1993 Anthology/Cd 1/04 Spring affair.mp3

+1993 Anthology/Cd 1/05 Love's unkind.mp3

+1993 Anthology/Cd 1/06 I feel love.mp3

+1993 Anthology/Cd 1/07 Once upon a time.mp3

+1993 Anthology/Cd 1/08 Rumour has it.mp3

+1993 Anthology/Cd 1/09 I love you.mp3

+1993 Anthology/Cd 1/10 Last dance.mp3

+1993 Anthology/Cd 1/11 MacArthur park.mp3

+1993 Anthology/Cd 1/12 Heaven knows.mp3

+1993 Anthology/Cd 1/13 Hot stuff.mp3

+1993 Anthology/Cd 1/14 Bad girls.mp3

+1993 Anthology/Cd 1/15 Dim all the lights.mp3

+1993 Anthology/Cd 1/16 Sunset people.mp3

+1993 Anthology/Cd 2/01 No more tears (Enough is enough) [Duet with Barbra Streisand].mp3

+1993 Anthology/Cd 2/02 On the radio.mp3

+1993 Anthology/Cd 2/03 The wanderer.mp3

+1993 Anthology/Cd 2/04 Cold love.mp3

+1993 Anthology/Cd 2/05 I'm a rainbow.mp3

+1993 Anthology/Cd 2/06 Don't cry for me Argentina.mp3

+1993 Anthology/Cd 2/07 Love is in control (Finger on the trigger).mp3

+1993 Anthology/Cd 2/08 State of independence.mp3

+1993 Anthology/Cd 2/09 She works hard for the money.mp3

+1993 Anthology/Cd 2/10 Unconditional love.mp3

+1993 Anthology/Cd 2/11 There goes my baby.mp3

+1993 Anthology/Cd 2/12 Supernatural love.mp3

+1993 Anthology/Cd 2/13 All systems go.mp3

+1993 Anthology/Cd 2/14 This time I know it's for real.mp3

+1993 Anthology/Cd 2/15 I don't wanna get hurt.mp3

+1993 Anthology/Cd 2/16 When love cries.mp3

+1993 Anthology/Cd 2/17 Friends unknown.mp3

+1993 Anthology/Cd 2/18 Carry on.mp3

+1994 Christmas spirit/01 White Christmas.mp3

+1994 Christmas spirit/02 The Christmas song.mp3

+1994 Christmas spirit/03 O come all ye faithful.mp3

+1994 Christmas spirit/04 Christmas is here.mp3

+1994 Christmas spirit/05 Christmas medley.mp3

+1994 Christmas spirit/06 I'll be home for Christmas.mp3

+1994 Christmas spirit/07 Christmas spirit.mp3

+1994 Christmas spirit/08 Breath of heaven.mp3

+1994 Christmas spirit/09 O holy night.mp3

+1994 Christmas spirit/10 Lamb of God.mp3

+1994 Endless Summer/01 Melody of love (Wanna be loved).mp3

+1994 Endless Summer/19 Any way at all.mp3

+1994 Melody of love (Wanna be loved)/01 Melody of love (Wanna be loved).mp3

+1994 Melody of love (Wanna be loved)/02 Melody of love (Wanna be loved) [Classic club mix].mp3

+1994 Melody of love (Wanna be loved)/03 Melody of love (Wanna be loved) [Boss mix].mp3

+1994 Melody of love (Wanna be loved)/04 Melody of love (Wanna be loved) [

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